Turnkey USA Investment Properties

Buy an investment house in the USA that is cash-flowing from day of purchase! American Full House is pleased to now offer “turnkey” investment properties for Indian and other foreign buyers. Turnkey properties are houses/duplexes that have been purchased, fixed-up, and leased. In other words, these are already occupied with a qualified paying tenant. With a paying tenant already in place, you get the property and the lease with the cash-flow immediately. It’s perfect for the serious investor since we’ve done all the work for you. It is a simple process to buy and you can own the house you choose in about 3 weeks.

We manage it all for you. ROI is 10%-15% (after expenses) in most cases!

RECENTLY SOLD Indianapolis $58,200

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Monthly Income:

  • Rent: $1050

Monthly Expenses:

  • Taxes: $118
  • Insurance: $55
  • Property Mgr: $84
  • AFH Admin: $105

Net Monthly Income:

  • Net Rent: $688.42
  • Net Yield: 14.19%
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