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    No doubt you've read how US property values have plunged. And you've asked yourself, how can a foreigner buy a house or other USA real estate? American Full House was formed to help foreigners, especially Indians, buy foreclosed USA real estate. We handle every aspect of buying and managing a successful cash-flowing property investment for you while complying with all US regulations on your behalf. Buy American real estate that has dropped 50% or more!
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  • Securing Your Investment

    A simple holding company is formed with you as the Owner. All property purchases are placed in to this company. American Full House will confidentially run the company for you in strict accordance with the operating agreement and management agreement in place. We manage every aspect, including buying, renting, accounting, and tax filings for you.
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  • Available Property

    We offer "turnkey" investor properties with cash-flow of 8%-15%. These are houses & duplexes that have been fixed-up and rented with paying tenants already in place. They cash-flow for you immediately. Please click the "read more" link below to view our inventory. In addition, we can help you buy houses in any city in the USA.
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Buy an investment house in the USA that is cash-flowing from day of purchase! American Full House is pleased to now offer “turnkey” investment properties for Indian and other foreign buyers. Turnkey properties are houses/duplexes that have been purchased, fixed-up, and leased. In other words, these are already occupied with a qualified paying tenant. With a paying tenant already in place, you get the property and the lease with the cash-flow immediately. It’s perfect for the serious investor since we’ve done all the work for you. It is a simple process to buy and you can own the house you choose in about 3 weeks.

We manage it all for you. ROI is 10%-15% (after expenses) in most cases!

RECENTLY SOLD Indianapolis $58,200

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Monthly Income:

  • Rent: $1050

Monthly Expenses:

  • Taxes: $118
  • Insurance: $55
  • Property Mgr: $84
  • AFH Admin: $105

Net Monthly Income:

  • Net Rent: $688.42
  • Net Yield: 14.19%
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American Full House is please to offer the following commercial real estate investments to foreigners interested in buying property in the USA.

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We have a solid track record in the US commercial real estate space with over 20 years, 100 partnerships, and over $750m in deals. We are pleased to provide you with any additional information you might need including past projects. Typical holding period for such developments is 2-5 years. Often times, after improvements are made, the property is refinanced and money returned to the investor – with the property being held for capital appreciation.



Aspen real estate has ranked high for the last few decades as one of the premier luxury resorts in the World. Real estate prices have followed this trend. For the last twelve months, Aspen Colorado real estate has been especially strong in the commercial sector. $150,000 available.

  • Acquisition cost is 46% discount to original asking price of $6m
  • Cost basis $379/sqft compared to recent sales price average $1084/sqft
  • In-place NOI $165,781
  • 18 share units of $100,000 (fractional shares available)
  • Bank Loan Amount $2.4m
  • Investor Rate of Return (IRR) projected at 12% unleveraged, 19% leveraged
  • First-time investor guarantee!

View Durant Mall Investment Summary PDF

Colleyville I  ***SOLD OUT***

15,217 SF Class B Office Bank-Foreclosed Condominium Building. Located in the heart of Dallas/Ft.Worth Metroplex, and 5 miles from DFW Airport.
CCI Colleyville I

  • Stabilized acquisition cost basis of $1.8m via bank-foreclosure
  • Original market value of $2.85m
  • Stabilized Net Operating income $240,000
  • Disposition market value in 3 years of $2.25m
  • Share units of $100,000 (fractional shares available)
  • Return projected at $42,000 on $100,000 in 3 years
  • First-time investor guarantee!

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American Full House brings over 10 years of personal real estate investing experience to the table including experience in economics and finance. In addition we have strategic contacts with numerous key real estate professionals to seek out the best deals in the residential and commercial space. (more…)

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