RBI LRS Scheme Revised Guidelines

In a recent circular [RBI/2014-15/132 A.P. (DIR Series) Circular No.5] the RBI has raised the remittance limit up to US$ 125,000 per individual, per year and removed the restriction against the purchase of property.


USA Real Estate Seminar in Mumbai

For immediate publication We wish to bring you an opportunity with a difference. It is now possible for Indian investors to buy rented property in the USA though our company; homes that already have tenants and with cash flow from day one.  Further, the property will be fully managed for you. In terms of sub-section 4, of Section (6) of the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), 1999, a...

Indians Among Top 5 Buyers of Homes in USA

Flush with cash and keen to diversify their portfolio, Indians are busy snapping up property in the US. And they are not Indian-Americans, but desis from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad, who are picking up single-family homes and condos as vacation homes or just investment.


Foreign Purchases of U.S. Homes Rise Strongly

A survey released Monday showed that the six-year slide in U.S. housing prices, coupled with the rising value of some foreign currencies and continued instability in Europe, is fueling a property-buying binge in the U.S. by wealthy foreigners… Some foreigners buyers view U.S. real estate as a safe place to park cash amid fears of a property bubble or political instability at home. Others are buying as a hedge against inflation because real assets like property tend to hold their value better than other investments during periods of high inflation. At a time when most securities have low yields, some investors believe they can earn higher returns by buying U.S. real estate and holding it as a rental investment or reselling in a few years at a profit.


Global Uncertainty: Is this a good time to buy USA Real Estate?

Often, we are asked by potential investors: Is this a good time to buy property in the USA?… When will the recovery happen?.. And what about the US Dollar?…  Isn’t it just better to invest at home? Here I attempt to answer these commonly asked questions… I actually traded for a living for a few years (for myself, not a job).  I’ve always loved reading about...

US Real Estate: Smart diversification option for HNI Indians

The reason is perhaps not hard to come by. Rohit Prakash, President – American Full House LLC says, “In the last few years property prices in India have risen significantly. Investors who invested at the lows in India have gained from this rise. They are now looking at booking profits and investing in other assets that are available at reasonable valuations. The US real estate market is one such avenue where prices are currently at the lower end of the range with potential for strong upside. In addition, while smaller investors may be hard pressed to find good properties at $100,000 in India very easily today, there are quite a few such opportunities in the US.”


US realty turns hot property; Indians snapping up big housing deals

Rohit Prakash, based in Austin, Texas, has for long been doing brisk business helping Americans and foreigners buy and sell property in the capital of one of America’s biggest states.

Recently, he set up American Full House to cater to Indians looking to buy homes in locations that have seen a huge price drop. An Indian buyer who contacted him sometime ago is close to doing two deals in a suburb of Los Angeles at $82,000 and $85,000 each for a three-bedroom condominium. At the peak of the housing boom, these properties were selling at close to $250,000.

Indian buyers are mostly exploring cities such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas and other parts of southern California and Phoenix, and Miami, where prices are still 60% lower than the peak.

Prakash of American Full House points out that rentals in most American markets are still high as people who have foreclosed their homes are looking to rent out property. “One could easily get a return of 6-10% in many markets here,” he says.

A spokesperson of the National Association of Realtors attributed the international appetite to the fact that properties in the US are less expensive compared with foreign properties. Homes in the US are viewed as a secure investment. The average price paid by an international buyer in the US was $315,000 and the states with the heaviest concentration of such buyers are Texas, Florida, California and Arizona. With more and more Indians likely to join the rush, the list is only likely to expand.


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